Saturday, September 01, 2007


ARIES (Troll):

“Here’s how you can tell if you have a bad psychotherapist or counselor,” says my friend Laura. “She or he buys into all your BS, never questions your delusions, and builds your self-esteem even if that makes you into an a$hole.”

I agree with Laura’s assessment, which is why I’m going to spend our short time together today calling you on your BS, prodding you to get introspective about your delusions, and not pumping up the parts of your ego that really should be melted down.

Next week maybe we’ll get back to gazing adoringly into each other’s eyes, but right now you’ll benefit from some tough love


Your assignment in the coming week is simple but tricky:

Take devalued ideas or trivial objects or demeaning words, and transform them into things that are fun, interesting or useful.

Here are some precedents to inspire you: what the punk movement did when it made safety pins into earrings; what gays did when they mutated the insulting term “queer” into a word of power; what the resourceful TV hero MacGyver did when he put powdered make-up into a confetti cannon and shot it at evil CIA operatives, temporarily blinding them and allowing him to escape.

Duh??? Where did those precedents come from?

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