Thursday, August 02, 2007


I called him [whom? whom the @#$% do you think?] last night to say good-bye, and among the chat and news of the day and polite requests for safe travel came the killer: "I love you, Troll."

That makes three times.

It almost completely undoes me to hear him say that.

I think the
Inner Girl has taken the citadel.
As if anyone else but me had ever had any doubt...

Not that it's all sweetness and light, though...

After our most recent bout of acrobatics, we were discussing what he liked and what I liked, and that led him to opine that a particular act had always been popular with the "bi boys" and the straight ones. I remarked a little sadly that I probably couldn't lay claim to that last title any more, and he said, oh, so gently:

"No, darlin', you like it too much."

I guess I do.

So much for old labels.
If I am required to travel safely,
you are required to live safely.
See you soon.

Hang in there, all.


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