Thursday, August 09, 2007



I'm far away, but no more out of reach
Than I am when at home. Though I can phone
And e-mail you, what good are text and speech?
If you're not in my arms, I'm still alone.

Oh, I am glad enough to see my friends;
Vacation is vacation, after all.
But I seek other means to other ends --
It's not my friends or trips hold me in thrall.

Sweet Goat, I see you and my knees go weak.
I want to hold you close and hold you tight,
To kiss you till your lips no longer speak,
And tie your tongue to all but my delight.

Sweet Goat, give me a kiss, a hug, a smile,
And I will try to make it all worthwhile.


Entwined, we lay together, he and I
Once I had had my way with him and he
Had had his way with me: our eyes had locked,
While all our other parts had done their dance.

What unexpected pleasure just to lie
Close by him, arms flung wide, and knee to knee,
Exchanging short caresses as we talked,
Sometimes a kiss, and sometimes just a glance.

Much later, he says that's what all the bi
Boys want -- and straight boys, too. But what of me?
I guess I'm neither now, that I'm defrocked.
I ask him, and he looks at me askance,

Then, smiling, says with such a gentle touch:
"No, darlin', no -- you like it far too much."


You owed me nothing till you said "I love,"
But now you owe me truth, and I'll demand
Full payment, though my sufferings increase:
I'll live in truth, or I'll not live at all.

I don't think life's worth living without love,
But any love will turn to ash and sand,
Once lovers start to act like the police
To find out what's afoot, should one shoe fall.

So I make no demands upon your love
Except you tell me what you've done or planned:
Just tell me, love, and I'll leave you in peace.
Just tell me, love, and I'll not mind at all.

Now, after fifty years of mis-spent youth,
I've learned you owe me nothing but the truth.

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