Monday, July 02, 2007


Many apologies for the lack of substantive posts recently; too busy getting on with life, I suppose... except I don't seem to be doing that, either...

It seems that I last posted a rather
whiny notice of how seldom I was going to be able to contemplate the Apple of My Eye, but in fact the following day he called back and said that he had decided to cancel one trip that was going to blow a hole in our summer schedule, and curtail another. I have my ticket for my two weeks away and can't afford to rebook or return it, so I can't reciprocate, but July is looking pretty good to me now.

As is he, of course...

My fourteen hours with the
Goat at his cultural vacation site was a little crazy, but well worth it. We wound up eating the hors d'oeuvres I brought in his hotel room as a rather light supper and, later on, getting wildly emotional about a lot of topics that made us both completely crazy. But he is hanging in there in spite of all the evidence that I am a complete loon. And the more I observe my behavior in this particular relationship, the more evidence I know there is...

Lord 'elp us.

So I am now looking forward to a long weekend with the
Goat right here in Nowheresville.

The only flies in the ointment are

[a] he is bringing an old friend along, and I, ahem, seem to be making a lot of noise lately,

[b] I have job commitments both Friday night and Saturday afternoon, and

[c] he has to leave Monday.

Otherwise, it feels like heaven already.

I have left one free-lance job so long undone that it looks like I won't be able to do it at all before I take off to visit my
Number One Son in August. I am in such trouble. I would ask the Goat to just take me in and have done with it, except that, out of the blue, in that @#$%-ing hotel room, I got a long, emotional, utterly undeserved lecture on how he is sick and tired of being the one to support people who can't support themselves...

Who asked him to support anyone?
And where was I when he was still in business?

Oh, yeah. I remember now
Oh, well. And then:

Blue. The lightest, clearest, most beautiful blue you can imagine. How could I have ever thought they were anything else? Well, there you have my dilemma in a nutshell: I never noticed. And I have spent a LOT of time gazing into them; you'd think I'd have noticed what color they were...

Hang in there, guys.

Remember the real suffering in the world. Even I have more to worry about than the color of a not quite
domestic animal's eyes. You are all in what passes for my prayers these days. Just consider me your own private Church Lady.

God help you...

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