Wednesday, July 18, 2007



No, I can only pray that you can see
A reason to remain, to persevere
I think there is no power but love that could
Grant you the patience to live on with me.

We're out of synch in most ways, and I fear
How those unrhyming ways we have have stood
Between us and what we must hope to be;
Those differences remain, won't disappear.

But one great difference damns our common good:
Your life makes utter sense, except for me,
While you're the one thing in my life that's clear

No other thing I touch acts as it should.

But stay and love me, grant my life some sense,
And it will have a future, perfect tense.

1 comment:

  1. These are great! You have such a talent. seriously!
    I worry about your relationship with Goat, not because you guys have a good thing that will probably always be there, I think maybe you deserve more and yearn for it - I want you to have more like someone who can spend all his time with you. (I know easier said than done to find this mystery guy.) Just my ramblings...