Monday, June 18, 2007


I am not sure that I can continue posting here.
At least, not without a major change of topic...

The Goat and I crossed a line this past weekend that had nothing to do with being pushed or pulled or anything but only with some very dangerous short words that make me think I may be entering territory too fine to be discussed even with the best of friends, let alone the electronic mob.

Present company excepted, of course...

From a Biblical perspective, I think this may be the time to remove my shoes. And one of those shoes may, figuratively speaking, be this blog... As I wrote another long-suffering soul some time ago, the words "I love you" are never uttered without great risk and danger to all parties, and once they are spoken, there is no going back. The way forward may not be a bed of roses, if you will permit the mixed metaphor, but it is the only way that remains.


The weekend was mind-bogglingly wonderful.

Hail, to thee, blithe Goat!
I hear thee and rejoice...

Hang in there, all. But don't hang about here... it may be a while...

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  1. Had an interesting experience last night. Phil knows of my blog and made me show him the link a few weeks ago. As we are lying on his bed in a relaxing moment he comments on my blog - a reference to an unfortunate thought about being fifteen stories up. I suspect I blushed, I know I turned my head, I was a bit embarrassed. But I also realized that Phil had read this, had looked through the window into me and I was still lying in bed next to him.

    Still, it is that troubling line about writing of people we know in the real sense of being with, etc. Not sure of the answer.

    Anyway, I see you are still blogging but if you look around this world, you and I have probably both outlasted... the others, our message... not sure, but it does feel different after a point. I suppose it is the point when one starts to live a new life instead of just write or think of one.