Monday, May 28, 2007

LAMENT for the RBF...

My heart breaks for a man I barely know
Who hopes to find his love returned tonight.
I've reason to believe tonight will not
Go well, in fact I dread how it will go.

I hope, indeed I pray, I am not right,
That he'll be offered love, his rightful lot,
Though it comes at my cost, as well I know
It must; his daybreak steeps my world in night.

Who would not wish for more, though love is fraught
With danger that, as love grows deep, must grow
As well and more? And so my soul takes fright
To think how cheap our love is held, was bought.

If only both our hearts could go unbroken --
A foolish wish perhaps best left unspoken.


  1. I could insert the oft played tape on the goodness of trolls here.

  2. FFV:

    Well, yes, you would.
    But I see we are BOTH repeating ourselves here...

    Apologies to the three other people who actually still read this.


  3. No apologies necessary. So things seem to be looking up in the goat department?