Thursday, April 12, 2007


The first night he gave all to my desire
As though my longing had titanic power

That bent him to my will, set him afire,

With sun-like rays forced him to bud and flower.

The second night I sought to yield in turn
And bent myself to please him as I could

But found that, yielding, I began to burn,

And every gift to him turned to my good.

Are platitudes
all pregnant with such truth?
I can’t believe I had to learn again
What I’d learned long ago, a selfish youth

Who sought to please himself, and sought in vain,

Until, as now, I learned to give, not hold,
Gave all, and it returned a hundredfold.

Oh, well, Thursday has come and gone and I still have my job, which is a very good thing. I got lots of support and guidance from my customer, who then found what I had come up with perfectly acceptable. Now why didn't I think of getting his precise input earlier? Well, one hurdle down, and another big one to go. The deadline has moved out to May 7th, and the weekend before that is, I think, my next chance to see the Silver Fox.

Dear God, if you love me, help me get it all done by May 4th.

please, please...


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