Monday, March 19, 2007


I have done any number of stupid things in my life, and especially in the last year or so, among them starting this blog. But most of them pale in comparison with giving my wife the URL of this blog. Since the blog started out -- and has pretty much remained -- a forum for things that I felt I could not say elsewhere, it was never intended as, and never has been, the Whole Truth. A small item that the Lady of the House never quite seems to have taken on board.

Now whose fault is that?
Probably not hers.

She is [as far as I know] one of three carbon-based life forms on the planet to have read the blog and know who writes it. I like it that way.

The last time
I pointed out that there were three people, she made haste to point out to me that she was certainly the only one who had read all of it.
I am sure she's right. Why is she always right? God, I hate that.

Just as Andrew Tobias wrote "The Best Little Boy in the World" under his pseudonym to protect not himself but his parents, I write under mine to protect not myself, but my children. And my ex-wife. I am sure that a truly inquiring mind could rip the wraps off in very little time. I can only repeat that it is not for my own sake that I try to keep the wraps on, and ask those who feel the itch to rip to forebear.

No, what suddenly hit me a while back, as I moved on past our common life into a new life that generally offers less than meets the eye, was not only that my new obsessions go a long way to proving the truth of many things she warned me of, but that they might well be even less appealing to her than what she read a year ago.

I wonder what she would make of my life were she to check in.
Actually, I have a
pretty good idea, so perhaps I would prefer she didn't.

Since there is nothing she can do about it any more,
or I can do about it any more,
I hope she does not.

But, if she does:
It's great to see you.
Let's meet somewhere else

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