Tuesday, March 06, 2007


"Curiouser and curiouser," as Alice would say. It was time for the occasional visit to StatCounter to see what you all have been up to. And a couple of things blew me away. "Unique visitors" are way down since November, but holding steady at some 500 a month, which means that the five of you who actually follow this mess are getting more clearly recognizable all the time, but the overall weight of visits has shifted. Almost alarmingly.

The old standbys are still there, some of them apparently spending as much time on the site as I do [whoever they are at the
Department of Veteran Affairs and the Department of Labor Statistics, for instance, have now been joined by someone at Boston Water and Sewer; God help us when my tax dollars run out...]. But the international hits are more numerous and... weirder.

Yes, I still get the occasional South Korean looking for
Gengoroh Tagame, and someone is always looking for poor Francois Sagat, and the odd visitor shows up from exotic places like Utrecht, Stockholm, Buenos Aires, Ankara, and Helsinki, BUT the overwhelming number of new visitors are from China.

From all over China. I think it all started in Anhui, but now it's just one damn province after another. Even Sichuan, home of all my favorite food, including
Red-Cooked Bean Curd.

Is it my disquisitions on bean curd? or is it my occasional wistful allusions to their Olympic gymnastic team? or is there some sort of
gay married Christian underground in the People's Republic which we wit not of? What's particularly peculiar is the fact that none of the visits have referring sites, which I take -- rightly or wrongly -- to mean that they are in fact looking for me.

What's up, guys? Anyone want to check in and leave a message?

Well, what goes around comes around.
think that's what I mean.

Hang in there.
And keep in touch.

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