Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Now that I am officially gay again, I registered the Sea with Best Gay Blogs and they have been generating a fair amount of traffic (about half my last 100 visitors) off their newbie listing page.

Well, this must be my second fifteen minutes of fame. Remember last spring, when I was the new blog of the week somewhere? I did look it up (click the orange bit) but it was a lot like work. Blogger doesn't make navigating in the past year very easy.

[Anybody at Blogger listening, by any chance? or do I only speak to the Department of Labor Statistics?]

And I have to say that the BGB report card rather sticks in my craw.

Design: B Writing Style: B Content: B- Personal: B Unique: B
Updated: A- Informative: B

What I take away from this is that I am what my German friends call "stinknormal" [ie, pathetically normal] aside from my tendency to talk too much about the same damn things over and over again. And I would feel worse about all those B's if it weren't for the fact that they also hand out C's and D's.

But a B- for content? a B for writing style? Give me a break.
You may not like my poetry, but it's better than B.
B is what you get for showing up and not making a complete fool of yourself.


Maybe that's what they're trying to say...
Picking up on hints: D+

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  1. Congratulations. What do you mean by gay "again"?