Sunday, February 11, 2007


Like the man says: FOOLS RUSH IN.

I went out on another coffee date. You think I'd know better by now. But based on a very polite response to my new profile which has "NOLO ME TANGERE" written right across it in red crayon, I thought: why not? And here's the weird thing: he was heavier than he said, balder than his picture, and as soon as he started talking, none of it mattered. I found myself sucked in all over again.

I might just be starved for attention... or a sucker for a fast-talker...

While we started from the agreement that nothing was going anywhere anytime soon, I found I had the Professor Tape playing in my head as I left: how so many of the things he said were what he knew I wanted to hear [no pressure, let's take it easy, get to be friends and see...] but punctuated with little tidbits like: "I think that when you do let go, you might be really wild."

I was having my attempt to turn the seduction machine off turned into part of the seduction machine. Talk about wheels within wheels. It's a bit like Google scouring itself to offer Spam recipes in my g-mail Spam folder...

One of these days I'll settle down and get my life in order. But don't hold your breath.

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  1. coffee dates...keep at it. If it doesn't turn out, at least it's practice (of sorts)! ;)