Saturday, January 27, 2007


This is is just to reassure my three readers out there that I am in fact alive and well. It's just that since the middle of January, I have been playing by the East Overshoe rulebook, juggling two and a half jobs and cutting down on sleep. [The half job is the one without a deadline that I keep putting off...] Unlike the Man from EO, however, I found I could not also blog at the same time.

Here are the headlines [details at 11]:

I am now divorced.

I nearly jumped the Silver Fox's bones.
He failed to meet me half-way. [?????]

I found myself unable to let go when hugged.
Southern Man
came to supper, as a friend. When he got up to leave and hugged me goodbye, I found I simply couldn't let go. My reward was a kiss on the cheek which I'm not sure I wanted, and even more ambiguity than I was living with here already. Bad Day.

So, if you know anybody who wants to make a mess of their lives, send them my way: I am now giving lessons. And I put more feet in my mouth at the latest gay social event, alienating someone I had just met and who was friends with friends.


Just shoot me now and put me out of my misery.


  1. Oh no! You can always(?) make amends to anyone you think you wronged...just explain to them what you always admit to here, you tend to put your foot in your mouth and do things you don't mean to. People will be more forgiving knowing that YOU KNOW that you're not perfect and might have done something you should not have. (Know one's perfect?) I do wonder how long it'll take for you to learn to NOT do that. :)
    Hugs are good, yeah. Hug as many people as you meet (esp when saying goodbye!) at every social event, it's pretty easy, announce that you're leaving and spread out your arms. Everyone loves a good hug, plus it's etiquette in the gay circles (at least for bears I know.) Hang in there, don't work too much. -jb
    P.S. Short and sweet is better than not posting at all!

  2. Troll -

    How are things going now?

    On New Years, I came out to my wife. I am either getting divorced or attending conservative Christian counseling.

    I am 43 y/o and have two small children (10 and 12). Any suggestions?

  3. Thanks for sticking your head out of the foxhole and letting us know you're OK....or at least alive.

    Troll, look at the long term improvement you have made in your life. It is there. It's just hard to see from within your own skin.

    Take care.


  4. See?

    I knew the three of you were out there.

    But if this is improvement, Flipper, I would hate to see decline.


  5. Restored Vows:

    I don't seem to have a valid address for you. Could you click on "Troll Mail" and send me an address?

    It's not that I have any advice you want to hear or take, but I would be happy to talk. As my California friend said, "You are entering a world of pain." Now that was helpful, wasn't it?

    Anyway, sign in so I can get back to you.