Monday, December 04, 2006


The month of November has come to a close, and the Stat Counter has already started ignoring whatever may have happened during it, aside from retaining a vague memory that there were some 750 "unique" visitors, of whom about a third came back at some point, as "returning" visitors. [The other 500 non-unique hits that pumped the total up above 1200 were apparently all me tweaking my posts and correcting the color options of the highlighted words... sigh.]

So either we are slowly making converts of the people trolling for the Unholy Trinity [those unfortunates from Cologne, Kiev, and Grenoble seeking M. Sagat, the poor guy in Wroclaw (PL) looking for Greasetank, and their compatriots in Korea and Singapore in search of Tagame-san] or I may actually have readers out there.

Sometimes I wonder.

Mr. Bigg sent me someone from SITA [that's the Societé Internationale De Telecommunications Aeronautiques, to those of us not in the know] but my favorite new entry is from the lonely fellow at the New England Whaling Museum in New Bedford, MA. Ahoy, me hearty.

Other late-breaking news:

I finally figured out that the person in NJ whose sanity I was seriously questioning because he seemed to spend as much time reading things as I did posting them, is probably in fact me posting, courtesy of some server connection that simply by-passes New England altogether.

Of December's biggest hitters so far, 21 are, alas, me and 8 are the seekers of aesthetic kink. Nate sent me 3, and Mr. Bigg just the one. But what a gift.

Hang in there, Tough Guy.
Our thoughts are with you...


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  1. oh no!'re too funny.

    I don't know, if you knew exactly where I was viewing your blog from (which I know you DO know) and I wanted to "lurk" I might be scared to find out that you figured me out. I wonder if your viewers are thinking the same thing too and may get scared away?

    Anyways, I know you like to keep track plus it IS kinda interesting to hear, I wouldn't have guessed such "exotic" locales.